turn off ipod 5g

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My iPod Nano wheel won't work. It turns.
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Apple iPod Nano won't turn off? Help! -.

How to Turn Off Your iPod | eHow.com
It's frustrating to watch the battery of your iPod drain because you can't figure out how to turn the device off. In addition, you must be able to turn off the device My Ipod won't turn off? - Yahoo! Answers
21.09.2007 · Best Answer: Did you try resetting it? Toggle the Hold switch on and off. (Slide it to Hold, then turn it off again.) Press and hold the Menu and Center
iPod froze during a song, won't turn off,.

30GB iPod Classic wont turn on... Left in.

Heres the situation: My sister treats her expensive equipment like trash. She just begged by parents for another one, got it, and I had her ship me
I was out jogging today and brought my iPod, not for the first time; it froze in the middle of a song. This was an hour ago. I have tried turning it off, flipping the

turn off ipod 5g

turn off ipod 5g

How to Turn an iPod Nano Off | eHow.com
iPods have no traditional on/ff switch. They power up with the slightest touch, which makes turning the iPod on as simple as touching the menu. Turning the iPod off
iPod nano 5G Disassembly by TechRestore -. HowTo: Turn off and Restart the iPhone &.
iPod Shuts Off by Itself

My iPod Won't Turn Off | xenoveritas.org

My iPod won't shut off. Holding down the Play button does nothing. It just won't turn off. A quick Google reveals that this isn't exactly a new thing, and comes up
My iPod Randomly Turns Off
  • iPod froze during a song, won't turn off,.

06.04.2006 · Best Answer: hi have u tried holding down menu and the middle button if so sorry but if not it will turn it off in 5 to 10 sec then wait at most a min and
Please can you help me as my new ipod nano will not turn off! I am holding down the play button as usual but there is no response, it's just stopped working. I only

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